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endometriosis congress in Poland


ENDOFORUM POLAND is an unprecedented event:

The first international conference on endometriosis in Poland. This conference will be one of the most important medical events in 2024 in Polish gynecology. Among the 90 invited speakers, half are guest experts from abroad. The attendance of 300 participants is planned, mostly Polish and foreign professionals interested in and dealing with endometriosis.

The first congress on endometriosis in Poland




Paweł Siekierski


Why was ENDOFORUM POLAND created?

The conference is a response to the huge social needs, as well as the need to educate the medical community in the multiple aspects of endometriosis - a chronic disease affecting nearly 2 million Polish women, causing infertility, health, psychological, social, and financial problems, and when not diagnosed on time - leading to serious, life-long effects on women's health, including disability. 

It is worth mentioning that after many years of efforts of the suffering women, through the  activities of social foundations, as well as appeals made by doctors dealing with endometriosis, on March 8, 2023, the Ministry of Health approved an expert endometriosis Team. The goal is to  establish a treatment system and reference centers dealing with endometriosis patients suffering from this challenging and socially harming disease.  Among the experts working on the Team are Prof. Ewa Milnerowicz-Nabzdyk and Dr. Paweł Siekierski, who will chair

Whose initiative is ENDOFORUM POLAND?

The creators of the concept are:
Prof. Ewa Milnerowicz-Nabzdyk, Professor UO, head of the Clinical Gynecology Oncology Department of the Opole Oncology Center, MIS Academy expert, lecturer, and expert leading many sessions at the highest-ranking international congresses - the annual ESGE, Endo Dubai and ESGO congresses and many others. Dr. Paweł Siekierski, head of the Gynecology Department of the Medicover Hospital, Warsaw, MIS Academy expert, who has been dealing with the problem of endometriosis treatment in Poland for years, Ms. Monika Zielska, the Coordinator and Head of the ENDOFORUM POLAND initiative, MIS Academy (Dubai), an esteemed training institution in gynaecological surgery and leading scientific events internationally on Minimally Invasive Surgery.


a meeting of world authorities in the heart of Europe

The leadership of the Congress ENDOFORUM POLAND will be held by the expert, visionnaire, and master of many generations of Minimally Invasive Surgeons Prof. Arnaud Wattiez.

Among the professionals invited to chair sessions, presentations, demonstration operations, and lectures, there are Polish experts selected to work in the ministerial team, as well as the world's greatest celebrities and authorities dealing with the issue of endometriosis for many years.


The agenda of the ENDOFORUM conference in brief:

The conference will include live broadcasts of surgery, plenary lectures with discussion panels, expert workshops on surgical techniques, knowledge of operational anatomy, types of energy, diagnostics, laparoscopic suturing techniques, discussions of doctors of various specialties - gynecologists, gynecologists, oncologists, gastrointestinal surgeons, surgeons, oncologists, thoracic surgeons, urologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, anesthesiologists, specialists in the treatment of hard-healing wounds, nutrition and stoma, patients' foundations and sick patients.



 A modern, dynamic broadcast of surgical procedures conducted by top-class operators commented on by the hosts and with the reactions of live observers. These sessions adored amongst surgeons always evoke the greatest emotions and allow for a student-master contact of the 21st century.



Endometriosis is a challenge for modern medicine and science, changing data, and new research require ongoing updating of knowledge and discussion among experts. We look forward to a lively discussion and comparison of experiences!



Expert-led practical meetings in small groups focus on specific issues. From pelvic anatomy to improving suturing techniques and ultrasound diagnostics, everyone will have the opportunity to practice skills and ask questions from everyday clinical practice.



We invite women struggling with the disease, organizations working to popularize knowledge about endometriosis, and representations of companies that can help in the treatment, nutrition, pain relief, and everyday problems of endometriosis patients.

Endometriosis Congress in Warsaw

The beautiful and special congress venue

We would like to give this event a beautiful setting to make it unique, which is why the Pollin Museum was chosen. Hotels for speakers: Verte hotel, Warsaw, and Mamessoin La Regina Warsaw Hotel.

The first congress on endometriosis in Warsaw

We would like this conference, apart from its educational quality and the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas, and surgical techniques, to be a form of community integration, and to approach the topic of endometriosis treatment closer to doctors and patients.

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